Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DESC: Design Review Process Update

Two critical design review meetings regarding the DESC proposed project are coming up, details below.  More information about the Design Review Process is posted on our Design Review page.

Early Design Review Process

An opportunity to provide input on the design of the Downtown Emergency Service Center’s (DESC) proposed development at 5444 Delridge Way SW will take place before the Southwest Design Review Board.

What:  Early Design Guidance Meeting
When:  Thursday, December 8, 2011, 6:30 pm
Where:  Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Theater
               4408 Delridge Way SW

Public Comment:   Only 25 minutes are allotted for public comment during the meeting. Citizens may also email or mail in written comments.

The NDNC has prepared a comment form that neighbors can use to submit written comments, along with an explanation letter:
Early Design Review Process
Design Review Comment Form
Additional Design Review Information

Friday, November 11, 2011

DESC: Upcoming Public Funding Meeting with King County

Public Meeting:

The Joint Recommendations Committee (JRC) will meet on Thursday morning to make final funding recommendations for County funds related to the DESC project on Delridge.  20 minutes have been set aside in the meeting agenda for public comment (which will allow 10 people to speak for 2 minutes per person.)  There will be a sign-up sheet for public input on the day of the meeting.

When:  Thursday, Nov. 17 from 930-10:45 am
Where:  Mercer Island Community and Event Center (a.k.a. Mercer View Community Center)
              8236 SE 24th Street
              Mercer Island, WA 98040
              (206) 275-7609
              Meetings Agenda

Several community members attended the JRC meeting held in October.  Based on community input, the JRC postponed their vote by one month to have additional time to review neighbors concerns.  Final recommendations by the JRC are approved by King County Executive, Dow Constantine.

Cheryl Markham, Program Manager for the King County Housing and Development Program, relayed:  “Because the JRC members must be done with their deliberations in order to get to other commitments, the public speaking time will be ended promptly at 20 minutes.  We are asking all who want to come to be courteous and respectful of the JRC – which means we can’t have people talking at the JRC during any time other than the public speaking time.”

For definition of the JRC and a complete roster of JRC members go to:

Questions to:  delridgeforum@gmail.com

Monday, October 31, 2011

DESC Funding Update

King County funding for projects such as the DESC proposal is determined by the Joint Recommendations Committee (JRC).  The JRC met on Thursday morning, Oct. 27, to make funding recommendations for a variety of countywide projects.  Based on community input, the JRC postponed their recommendations vote for the DESC project on Delridge by one month so that the JRC can have additional time to review the North Delridge neighborhood.

Jackie MacLean, Director for the King County Department of Community and Human Services, has appointed two staff members to prepare an information packet about North Delridge for the JRC’s review.  She advised that neighbors email these two staff members with their comments.  Neighbors can also email the entire JRC roster (see below for details).

A North Delridge neighbor has advised that any communications that neighbors send to the City or County be copied with public officials’ emails.

It is our understanding (as verified on the WS Blog, see News Articles) that both the City and the State approved funding for DESC last week.  The Delridge Community Forum committee was not aware of a public comment period for these two funding sources, nor do we know what specific factors the JRC are considering.  Additionally, we believe that there are additional funding sources for DESC but we are not aware of those sources at this time and can use help to find out this information. 

The JRC is scheduled to meet again on Thursday morning, Nov. 17.  We will try to find out if this meeting will have a public comment period. 

Direct comments regarding King County Funding for the JRC review to:

King County Staff:
John DeChadenedes
Coordinator of King County Funding

Maria Ramirez
Program Manager, Housing Finance Program

Suggested cc:
JRC Members (follow link for a definition of the JRC and a complete roster of JRC members, including email addresses)

Dow Constantine, King County Executive (Exec. Constantine makes the final decision regarding King County funding)

Joe McDermott, King County Councilmember (8th district)

City Council members (see Take Action tab for a complete list of names and email addresses)

Please alert us if you have information that should be added to our resources: delridgeforum@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DESC: Public Funding Meeting with King County

King County has voted to postpone the funding request for the DESC Delridge Supportive Housing facility.  This time will be used to address community concerns about the fitness of the North Delridge neighborhood.  Six North Delridge residents attended this meeting and expressed their concerns. 

Decisions from the City, County, and State regarding funding applications for the DESC project on Delridge will be made within the next week or so.  This afternoon, Delridge Community Forum learned the following information regarding ways that neighbors can express support or concerns about the project to these decision makers and/or express requests regarding conditions that neighbors would like to see added to the funding contracts:

Public Meeting:
There is a King County meeting this Thursday morning where officials will be making funding recommendations for County funds.  We are told there will be room for some public comment and neighbors should feel welcome attending to express their opinions and to follow this decision process.

When:            Thursday, October 27 at 9:30 am
                       This is a two hour meeting.  Funding is on the agenda from approx.  9:40 - 11:00 am

Where:          Mercer Island Community and Event Center (a.k.a. Mercer View Community Center)
                       8236 SE 24th Street
                       Mercer Island, WA 98040
                       (206) 275-7609
                       Calkins Room #103

Note:  If you cannot attend, but still desire to express yourself, you can email your thoughts to the County prior to the meeting on Thursday (see below for details).

Delridge Community Forum will try to find out if there are also public meetings for the City and State funding decisions.  In the meantime, you may also email these decisions makers (see below for details).

Lastly, the County said that if funding does go through, neighbors can make requests about conditions they want to see written into the funding contracts.  These contracts won’t be written for some time (timeline unknown presently), so there will be more time for neighbors to make these requests.

Email the City, County and State Funding Decision Makers:
Email your thoughts (support, concerns, etc.) to the following people.  Neighbors can send one email to all three representatives at the same time.  Note that email content becomes public record. 

Washington State
Janet Masella, Department of Commerce

City of Seattle
Rick Hooper, Director, Office of Housing

King County
Cheryl Markham, Program Manager, Housing and Community Development

John DeChadenedes*
Coordinator of King County Funding

Delridge Community Forum**

Note:  Cheryl Markham and Rick Hooper attended the recent neighborhood meeting on this topic.

*John DeChadenedes works under Cheryl Markham and asked to be copied on neighbors’ emails so he can be aware of our feedback.  He works closely with the City and the State as well.  John relayed that the funders want to hear from neighbors and community input is encouraged.

**Delridge Community Forum would like to be copied on neighbors’ emails as a means to track the community’s dialogue on this topic.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Delridge Community Forum Thanks You!

It was exciting to find upwards of 140 people came out last night to discuss such an important topic for our neighborhood.  In the coming days, we will be assembling the questions that were raised and will post written responses as we receive them.
Delridge Community Forum considers itself a resource for the community. 
  • We can help put neighbors or groups of neighbors in touch with city or county officials that participated in the meeting last night.
  • We can arrange meeting space for neighbors that want to join efforts towards a particular action.
  • We can help announce those community efforts via this website.
  • We will work to get important questions answered and plan to offer another public meeting related to this topic.
Just as eight neighbors formed this committee and made a commitment to bring information to the neighborhood, we encourage other neighbors to form committees to address concerns or put a vision into action.  We will provide support in that process to the extent that we are able. 

Thank you again for your ongoing participation in this conversation.  It is clear that more in needed, but it is a success to have begun such an important dialogue.  This forum is the first of many to provide information to our community regarding this issue and additional issues.  Help us keep it going.

We hope that you will consider attending the next planning meeting for the Delridge Community Forum committee:
When:   Monday October 24 at 6:15 PM
Where: Delridge Library

If you have any additional questions following the meeting last night, email them to: delridgeforum@gmail.com.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

You Are Invited To:

A Conversation with DESC
Date: Tuesday, October 11          
Time:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (soft end)
Place:  Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
Main Theater, 4408 Delridge Way SW
* Childcare will be provided *

The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) is planning to provide affordable, permanent housing for up to 75 formerly homeless individuals living with serious mental/addictive illnesses and supported by full-time staff.  The proposed four-story building will be located on the east side of the 5400 block of Delridge Way, across from the Delridge Library. 

DESC will provide details about this proposed project.  An experienced facilitator will help lead the community in conversation.  Neighbors will have the opportunity to voice opinions and raise questions.  City and other government officials have been invited to attend.

Following the question and answer phase, a “Take Action” segment will be available to those who want to participate.  The “Take Action” segment has not included in the forum duration and will begin after 8:30 PM.

Come to the forum well-informed. Prior to the forum please read the Fact Sheet

The following have informed Delridge Community Forum they will be attending A Conversation with DESC:

State of Washington
Joe Fitzgibbon - 34th District State Representative (tentative)

King County
Joe McDermott – Councilmember District 8
Cheryl Markham - Program Manager, Housing and Community Development
Amnon Shoenfeld – Director, Mental Health, Chemical Abuse & Dependency Services

City of Seattle
Nick Licata - Councilmember
Kathy Nyland - Staff of Councilmember Sally Bagshaw
Josh Fogt - Staff of Councilmember Mike O’Brien
Nate Van Duzer – Staff Councilmember Tim Burgess (tentative)
Diane Sugimura – Director, Department of Planning and Development
Steve Johnson - Director, Office of Economic Development
Rick Hooper – Director, Office of Housing
Captain Steve Paulson - Southwest Precinct, Seattle Police Department
Jane Appling - Regional Manager, Seattle Public Library
Department of Neighborhoods, Multiple Staff

Delridge Area Non-Governmental Agencies
Steve Daschle - Executive Director, Southwest Youth & Family Services
Delridge Neighborhood Development Association (DNDA) – multiple board members

Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC)
Bill Hobson – Director
Nicole Macri - Director of Administrative Services
Daniel Malone - Director of Housing Programs
Graydon Andrus - Director of Clinical Programs
Margaret King - Manager of Supportive Housing
Jessica Cohen - Manager of Housing Development

Note: Submitted comments will not be published.   This feature has been enabled as an additional way for people to contact the Delridge Community Forum.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Conversation with DESC - Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Youngstown Cultural Center

On October 11, Delridge Community Forum will present a facilitated conversation to provide information about the Downtown Emergency Services Center’s (DESC) proposed apartment building in Delridge for homeless people dealing with mental illness and other challenges, such as substance abuse.

DESC will offer an in-depth presentation on this project and the population it expects to serve, as well as on the work the agency does to help the homeless in Seattle.  The meeting will focus on delivering unbiased information and providing an opportunity for community building. Neighbors will have an opportunity to express their opinions and concerns about the project.

The proposed DESC project will be a four-story building with affordable, permanent housing for up to 75 formerly homeless individuals living with serious mental/addictive illnesses or other disabling conditions and supported by full-time staff.  The location for this project is on the 5400 block of Delridge Way, across from the Delridge Library and the Shell station near SW Findley St.  DESC (www.desc.org) is a non-profit organization in Seattle dedicated to helping the most at-risk homeless population through clinical services and supportive housing.

This will be the first forum of many to help keep our community informed on large community issues that affect us all.  The forums are intended for the residents and interested friends of the Delridge Community.

Date:     Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Time:    6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Place:   Youngstown Cultural Center, Main Theater,
             4408 Delridge Way SW Seattle, WA 98106

Note: Comment will not be published.  This feature has been enabled to collect feedback.