About Us

Delridge Community Forum is an organization comprised of volunteers from the North Delridge neighborhood who are working together to coordinate educational and informational forums to address community concerns.

Although volunteers may have their own opinions regarding the issue at hand, each has made a commitment to approach the planning of community forums in an unbiased manner.

Presently, the committee is focused on the proposed Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC) project on Delridge Ave. SW, but we expect to use this format on other issues in the future.

Additional volunteers may join the committee at any time.  Whether working in depth on the planning of any given forum, or simply helping with the logistics at a specific event, help is needed.  For volunteer inquiries email:  delridgeforum@gmail.com

Current Committee Members:
Patrick Baer, NDNC Treasurer
Kirsten Smith, NDNC co-Secretary
Michael Taylor-Judd
Deborah Sunderland
Neil Sunderland
Tanya Baer
Lisa Taylor-Whitley
Ben Canfield

A Small Sparks Grant has been awarded by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to help cover forum expenses such as facility rentals, outreach, and translation.