Monday, October 31, 2011

DESC Funding Update

King County funding for projects such as the DESC proposal is determined by the Joint Recommendations Committee (JRC).  The JRC met on Thursday morning, Oct. 27, to make funding recommendations for a variety of countywide projects.  Based on community input, the JRC postponed their recommendations vote for the DESC project on Delridge by one month so that the JRC can have additional time to review the North Delridge neighborhood.

Jackie MacLean, Director for the King County Department of Community and Human Services, has appointed two staff members to prepare an information packet about North Delridge for the JRC’s review.  She advised that neighbors email these two staff members with their comments.  Neighbors can also email the entire JRC roster (see below for details).

A North Delridge neighbor has advised that any communications that neighbors send to the City or County be copied with public officials’ emails.

It is our understanding (as verified on the WS Blog, see News Articles) that both the City and the State approved funding for DESC last week.  The Delridge Community Forum committee was not aware of a public comment period for these two funding sources, nor do we know what specific factors the JRC are considering.  Additionally, we believe that there are additional funding sources for DESC but we are not aware of those sources at this time and can use help to find out this information. 

The JRC is scheduled to meet again on Thursday morning, Nov. 17.  We will try to find out if this meeting will have a public comment period. 

Direct comments regarding King County Funding for the JRC review to:

King County Staff:
John DeChadenedes
Coordinator of King County Funding

Maria Ramirez
Program Manager, Housing Finance Program

Suggested cc:
JRC Members (follow link for a definition of the JRC and a complete roster of JRC members, including email addresses)

Dow Constantine, King County Executive (Exec. Constantine makes the final decision regarding King County funding)

Joe McDermott, King County Councilmember (8th district)

City Council members (see Take Action tab for a complete list of names and email addresses)

Please alert us if you have information that should be added to our resources: